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Imagine NEVER having to think about your Instagram feed looking INCOHESIVE again.

Insta Aesthetic

Insta Aesthetic is designed for Instagram Influencer, and anyone interested in using aesthetics as one of the marketing practices to help grow their business on Instagram.  

Help make your Instagram account feel more connecting and appealing to your audience by using Aesthetic as a tool to attract the right following and get more paid opportunities as an influencer.

Does this sound like you?

꙳ Are you struggling to make your Instagram feed feel Cohesive?

꙳ Do you strive for your photos to be more UNIFORM?

꙳ Is it FRUSTRATING that after spending hours creating content, your photos still don’t flow?

꙳ Are you tired of EXPERIMENTING with your feed, and it turns out like a hot mess?

꙳ Do you think you have to delete all your existing photos and start over? 

꙳ You are using Instagram to build a community to teach your followers what you love doing.

꙳ You are questioning yourself, should I believe that I don’t need to pay attention to how my feed looks? Others are KILLING it while not caring about how theirs look; why should I care?… But I can’t stop thinking about it.

꙳ Do you feel RESTRICTED with what you should post and REPETITIVE with your feed?

꙳ Are you posting in THREES and color blocking every NINE photos but still not seeing a cohesive feed?

꙳ Is it a constant STRUGGLE to creating an ATTRACTIVE feed?

How would you FEEL
if all your photos
could tie in together 

Have you ever felt like this?

꙳ You know you should spend time creating content you love and engaging with your followers rather than experimenting with your Instagram feed over and over again.

꙳ You work hard 7-days-a-week, spending hours curating content that not only looks stunning but also adds tons of value to your followers.

꙳ However, you struggle to create a COHESIVE feed that flows EFFORTLESSLY from picture to picture.

꙳ Do you feel other people’s feed looks better than yours? 

꙳ You feel like you are missing out on gaining and connecting more with new followers.

꙳ You fear that you won’t get paid by the brands you love because your feed is a HOT MESS.

꙳ The constant feeling of restriction and being repetitive OVERWHELMS you and DISCOURSES you from continuing.

꙳ Are you buying photo presets on repeat, and it still hasn’t helped you?

꙳ You wish there is a strategy to help you create a consistent, cohesive feed for any season, any outfit, and any background.

I created an Insta Aesthetic Finder Tool to help YOU find out and stay on top of your unique you and your very own aesthetic.

I know how you feel.

I struggled with creating a COHESIVE feed too, and felt FRUSTRATED about what I needed to do to make everything more UNIFORM.

I thought that by creating stunning photos with a high-quality camera was all I needed to MAKING it. It took me years of curating content to find out what I had been missing.
What I was missing was right there in front of me!


That’s why I created The Insta Aesthetic Course on How-To create a COHESIVE Instagram feed. So you don’t need to struggle with it anymore.

You can use your valuable time to create content your followers love, engage with them, and spend more quality time with your loved ones. 


Hi, I am Mollie Larsen.

From working full time, talking nonstop with students and clients, and being far away from home and alone, I was able to start my blogging career with a $100 Sephora beauty purchase to make FIVE figures a month.

I am Mollie Larsen, and I am your new BFF in a digital content creator world, think of me as Siri or Alexa for blogging and all things social media. I created Blog Brand and Beyond to be a space for Influencers like yourself to learn new ideas, attract the right following, and get more paid opportunities. All while being mindful of the influence that impacts others’ lives.

Let me help you add more success to your influencer career and digital business path.


Mollie Larsen

Not convince enough?

Explore the course!




The ultimate Aesthetic Finder  solution for Instagram Influencers and brands who want to reach their ideal audience and increase their revenue.

Help you make your Instagram account feel more connecting and appealing to your audience by using Aesthetic as a tool to attract the right following and get more paid opportunities as an influencer.

꙳ The Aesthetic Finder Tool will help you in attracting more followers and landing more brand deals. 

꙳ It’s specifically designed to make it simple in finding the right aesthetic to attract your ideal audience.

꙳ Finally, you won’t have to spend hours looking at your feed and say, “What am I not doing right? What is it that I am missing”.

꙳ Now you don’t have to question yourself anymore because you will know how to create a COHESIVE theme that will attract your ideal audience and land more brand deals.


 Join Insta Aesthetic Course to help you find the RIGHT aesthetic and attract your ideal audience.



Get an idea of what this course has to offer, whos it’s for, and what you will need to have before getting started.

Unit One

The first part of the course will dive deeper into what Aesthetic is and provide some visual samples to learn. You will get to go through our Aesthetic Finder tool to start defining your aesthetic.

Unit Two

In unit 2, we will discuss why Aesthetics is essential for your Instagram’s success and how you can apply it to your content.

Unit Three

Here, you will learn all the types of aesthetics that apply to your content creation and which ones are right for you.

Unit Four

In this unit, you will go through our Aesthetic Finder tool to help you select the right type of Aesthetic that will attract the ideal audience.

Unit Five

In the final unit, I give you ways on how to apply your newly discovered Aesthetic and my top photo and video editing apps to use.

Bonus One

90 Days of Instagram Content Ideas

Bonus Two

Insta Aesthetic Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get access to the course?

Instantly. As long as you have an internet connection available.

How long do I get access?

FOR LIFETIME! When you purchase the course(s), you will get access for a lifetime. 

If you update the program, will I get the updates?

Yaaas! Yes, you will get the new updated information to the course immediately right after the updated material is available. You will get notified by email for the login instructions and more.  

When do I get the bonuses 

You get the bonuses right away! They are waiting for you in the course.

I live outside the US, can I still take this course?

Yes, absolutely! You can be in any part of the world and still access the course. However, all material is in English, so a good understanding would be recommended before purchasing. Also, please pay attention to the currency exchange rates and any possible foreign transaction fees.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds due to the immediate access to the course, its materials, and bonuses. We make sure our price is affordable, and that you will gain a lot of knowledge. Please do not enroll if you are looking for the system to get famous, rich, or successful overnight.  Blog Brand and Beyond courses are for serious students only. 

How can I get in touch if I have more questions?

Please contact us at hello@blogbrandandbeyond.com. 


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